Sankalp 2018

February 01 ,2018

As per every year the technical fest ‘SANKALP ’took place on and 7th and 8th april 2018.Sankalp is
organized by Techniche` the technical club of NITMAS. The motivation of this technical club in
NITMAS campus is to develop the students mind by making, designing and innovating new ideas with
integrating different field of engineering and technology in existing curriculum .SANKALP is a
platform for all the students to show their technical talents and interest in different fields of robotics,
electronics ,computer science and mechanical engg.SANKALP first emerged as a grand success in 2010
where it attracted a huge number of participants from other colleges in West Bengal. Sankalp also refers
to the independent body of students who organize this event along with many other social initiatives
and outreach programs round the year. Sankalp 2018 attracted more than one hundred and fifty
enthusiastic participants from various colleges located in Kolkata & also from other parts of the state.
The two day-long tech-fest witnessed exciting events from Robotics like Terrainz, Robo War,
AquaTron, Line Follower, Gaming events like NFS, FIFA, CS , Algo Geeks the coding event,
Momentika the photography contest and exhibition, Quiz & Junkyard.The events from Robotics like
Robo War,& Multi Terrainz along with the gaming events were vital & registered the maximum number
of participation.