Programme Objective & Outcome

Program Educational Objectives

  •  To impart quality education to the students so that they acquire knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering and be successful in their professional career.
  •  To develop the ability among students to analyze real life problems & design cost-effective feasible solutions for humanity in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.
  •  To impart training to the students to develop their professional skills for creating human resource of global standards for the Industry, Research, & Development and Education.
  •  To familiarize students with the professional issues in Electronics & Communication Engineering including innovation, ethics, issues related to global economy and emerging technology.
  •  To promote students awareness of lifelong learning through an excellent academic environment, prepare them for higher education and provide them opportunity to work in teams on multidisciplinary research and development activities.
  •  To improve the communication skills of students, prepare them to acquire good leadership skills to lead a team and good interpersonal relationship for working in a team.

Program Outcomes

A graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the Department will be able to

  •  Apply the knowledge of Mathematics, Science and Engineering necessary to solve complex design problems.
  •  Identify, Formulate, and analyze real life engineering problems and provide solutions which are cost effective, and designed specifically to meet the needs of society.
  •  Design electronic circuits & systems, conducts experiment, analyze & interpret the data.
  •  Use modern engineering tools, software & equipment’s to analyze problems and design components.
  •  Demonstrate knowledge of professional & ethical responsibilities.
  •  Apply knowledge of professional & ethical responsibilities.
  •  Exhibit good communication skills in writing reports, documenting complex engineering activities and give presentations to engineering community.
  •  Understand the impact of engineering solutions on society and will be aware of contemporary issues involving health, safety and environmental issues.
  •  Undertake lifelong learning and pursue higher education and a career in research and development.
  •  Apply leadership skills and develop as an entrepreneur.