Clothes and Blankets Distribution Camps 2019

August 27 ,2019

Clothes and Blankets Distribution Camps for Poor & Underprivileged


“Ajantrik”, TNU & NITMAS


“There is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving” —– Mother Teresa


Food, Cloth and Shelter are the three basic needs of common people. As we are born, weather is sensitive for everyone; everybody feels heat, cold and rain. Many among India’s poor and underprivileged people lack adequate clothing. People usually say that thousands of people die every year in India, but we say that they die due to lack of clothes and blankets. So just because they are poor we don’t want they should suffer- Because All Human Life Is Sacred…!

“Ajantrik” of TNU & NITMAS is going to organize cloths & blankets distribution camps to the peoples in rural and slums, orphanages and old age houses like every year. We as an organization strongly feel about destitute and for us nobody should suffer the lack of clothes.

Mainly old usable clothes, collected by our members are used in this project.

In this regards, we would like to request all the faculty, staff members and students of our university and institute to please donate your old clothes to needy. Donating is simple, Wash & fold them properly and drop into one of the collection points mentioned below before 3rd week of September. If you would like to sponsor the distribution of free clothes and blankets with new sets, please donate your valuable contribution.

You can contact volunteers either by phone or mail.

How it works:
1. We receive clothes from faculty, staff members and students as well as from different hostels in the campus.
2. Clothes will be sorted out according to size, gender and type and then wash and iron (if required).
3. Each time we do a survey of the proposed villages, orphanages and old age houses prior to distribution.
4. Clothes will be distributed among some selected people (from our previous records).
5. On special programs we distribute rags, warm clothes and blankets among the people who live under the sky to help them fight the winter.
6. Clothes, not suitable to donate will sell to vendors and the money is to be used to buy new clothes and blankets.
7. We receive money from those want to sponsor to buy new clothes and blankets.

Please note:
Drop box at the Administrative Building, TNU & NITMAS
Contact persons:
o Dr. Abhijit Samanta (Mentor, Ajantrik):  M- 9874177197,
o Nilotpal Dhar (President, Ajantrik): M- 7044272990,
o Riya Majee (Vice President, Ajantrik & Coordinator): M- 8617096037,
o Tamalika Das (General Secretary, Ajantrik) : M- 9735055217,
o Bibek Mondal (Treasurer, Ajantrik) : M- 7278955003,