Induction Program

July 30 ,2018

Week 1, Day1, (30th July, 2018)
~Orientation Programme~
An orientation programme organized by NITMAS, was held to welcome newly admitted students and introduced them to their institution. The programme was held in the multi-purpose hall of the campus. It was embellished by the Principal of NITMAS, the H.O.D and all the faculty members. The freshers along with their guardians were present in the hall. The programme started with our national anthem 'Jana gana mana' and finished with the band of NITMAS. 
Week 1, Day 2(31st July,2018)
The new comers had to register their names at campus main gate, between 10am to 11am. The second day of the introduction programme was held in the seminar hall. There the students met our Principal, Dr. Sujoy Biswas. Then, Prof. Biswarup Mukherjee, Assist. Prof. and 1st year coordinator, NITMAS, introduced the curriculum structure, evaluation process, mandatory point system and moocs course etc. 
Mr. Neilesh Chakravartee, Manager-students' affairs, informed the students about the anti-ragging sensationalism and various committees (antiragging committee, Grievance cell, Women harassment cell etc). Then they were also informed about extra curriculum activities and clubs (Technical club, welfare club etc) of NITMAS.At 12:30pm to 1:00pm Prof. Sourankana Dey introduced the NITMAS faculty members. In the second half the students visit to corresponding Dept. where they were introduced to Head of the Dept. A discussion on the rules and discipline of the dept. followed by mentor assignment and group email id creation ends that day. 
Week 1,Day 3(1st August,2018)
Prof Maitreyee Samanta of ECE Deptt and Prof. Deep Suman Dev of CSE department took initiative to visit the corresponding departmental laboratories. The dept professors informed the students about the objectives, safety and other instructions of the labs. There was also a lecture session by Prof. Biplab Roy and meeting with senior students for different departmental activities.
Week 1,Day 4(2nd August, 2018)
Dr. Biswajit Ghosh, Professor of Energy Engineering and Dean of Engineering science, The Neotia University , gave a lecture on introduction of Engineering and Technology and also asked every student why he has chosen engineering over any other subject.
At 3:00pm Mr. Neilesh Chakravartee, manager-students' affairs, took the students for games, sports and gym dept. 
Then Mr. Gopal Bhandari, Hostel Supervisor, NITMAS led the students to visit to the library, workshop and other departments of the Neotia University like Ship Building, school of culinary arts, Agriculture department etc. 
Week 1, Day 5(3rd August, 2018)
Prof. Susanda Chatterjee, assistant professor, NITMAS, Mentor(E-cell- NITMAS) gave a lecture on Innovation and entrepreneurship. 
At 3:00pm to 4:00pm E-celll activities were also coordinated by Prof. Sunanda Chatterjee. 
Week2, Day 1(6th August, 2018)
Dr. Chandra Mukherjee, assistant professor, NITMAS, gave a lecture on creativity and performing arts by participating. The students played many creative games and enjoyed the session. 
Week 2, Day 2(7th August, 2018)
There was a lecture on social issues and Human Values by Prof. Sudeshna Kar Gupta, assistant professor, NITMAS, followed by a group discussion about this topic. 
Week 2, Day 3(8th August, 2018)
English skill development classes were held today by professor Sudeshna Kar Gupta, assistant prof,NITMAS for CSE and ECE students. This session, they learnt about the necessity to develop the communication skills in English. Students also tried their best to develop their listening and speaking skills. 
Week 2, Day 4(9th August, 2018)
Computer knowledge development classes were held in the computer lab by Professor Basudeb Halder, H. O. D CSE dept, NITMAS for students. On this day, students learnt about the MS-PowerPoint and its features like animations, making slides etc. 
Week 2, Day 5(10th August, 2018)
NITMAS organized a YOGA and MEDITATION session for all the 1st year students of NITMAS. Faculty members also have done yoga with us to encourage the students. All the students have done yoga, following the yoga instructors to stay healthy and to keep the mind fresh.
Week 3, Day 1(13th August, 2018)
Another English skill development class was held by Prof. Sudeshna Kar Gupta for the NITMAS 1st year students. She revised the basic grammar part, like -preposition and tense. She told the students to write a paragraph on 'Our first day in NITMAS' which would show the creativity of them and also told them to write a paragraph on 'The significance of the three colors our National Flag ' in order to improve general knowledge. 
Week 3, Day 2(14th August, 2018)
Another computer knowledge development class was held by Prof. Basudeb Halder, H.O.D, CSE dept, NITMAS for the 1st year students. Students learnt about the MS-Exel in the computer lab. Professor taught them the use of many functions like 'if', 'sum', many cell address like relative cell address, Absolute cell address and mixed cell address and taught us about the graphs.
Week 3, Day 3(15th August, 2018)
~Independence Day ~
On the day of 72nd Independence Day of India, students of NITMAS joined the Independence Day celebration programme. It was held in the campus ground. Flag hoisting ceremony was at 8:30am by Dr. D. K Bandyopadhyay, Honorable Vice Chancellor, The Neotia University. At 8:32am, National Anthem was sung, at 8:40am the marine engineering students marched past. At 8:50am, a speech was given by honorable vice chancellor sir. At the end of this ceremony sweet was distributed among students and faculty members at 9:30am.
Week 3, Day 4 (16th August, 2018)
Students visit R.K.M. Siksha Mandir, 24 parganas(south).Prof Suman Halder, assistant professor, NITMAS, accompanied the students to visit the above mentioned school. There, secretary Maharaj of this school gave an inspiring speech. The students were also taken to many places of Sarisha Ashram Mor.
Week 3, Day 5 (17th August, 2018)
This was the last date of induction program. The session was coordinated by Prof. Biswarup Mukherjee, Assist. Prof. and 1st year coordinator, NITMAS. It started with the debate session. The topics were 1) Induction Programme is necessary for Undergraduate curriculum, 2) MOOCs are necessary in Undergraduate engineering curriculum, 3) Mandatory Additional Requirements credit points are necessary in the curriculum etc. The program ended with feed-back and report submission by the students.