March 22 ,2019

 We all have eagerly been waiting for 2019 to come. For the movie jocks, the reason was upcoming Disney and Marvel movies, while for the party freaks, it was IMPULSE! The Neotia University and NITMAS brought back their age-old custom of celebration under the tag of IMPULSE 2k19, on the 4th weekend of February, from 22nd to 23rd.

The first day of the fest started with a brief introduction to IMPULSE 2k19, lighting of lamp by the dignitaries and speech by Prof. Biswajit Ghosh, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of The Neotia University and Mr Suhas Mukherjee, Head of Administration. Followed by the formalities, students of TNU and NITMAS sang the inaugural song to welcome everyone.

Finally, the beginning of the fest was marked by band performances; harmonics, where students showed their singing talents supported either by instruments or soundtracks; rap battle where young talents showcased their speed at rapping; which was followed by dance performances by students from The Neotia University and Neotia Institute of Technology management and science.  The final event of the night was DJ where everyone tapped their feet to the beat of the remixes.

The inter-college fest saw many performances by students from various colleges and institutes.


The second day of the fest began with Feet on Dance, which was a group dance competition. RJ Somak wowed the audience with his bright sense of humor with a tinge of sarcasm! He took the audience to his old days at the campus, when it was once known as ITME. This stand up was followed by a dance performance by the talented students of TNU and NITMAS. Students also brought bengali tradition on to the stage with a Fashion show. The other theme of the fashion show was A Tribute to Indian Cinema.

The program finally saw the performance of the long-awaited band, Riddles! The band played some of the very popular songs and mixed then up with the spirit of rock. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the show!

The spirit of the participants and musicians was increased by the constant cheering, loud clapping and hooting from the audience which had gathered on a large number on both the days.