Flood Relief Campaign by Ajantrik

August 24 ,2017

"Ajantrik"- Social Welfare and Cultural Club of NITMAS and TNU initiated a FLOOD RELIEF CAMPAIGN in assiciation with "Nabadiganta"-a Non-Governmental Organization to reach flood strike areas, rescue people and uplift their survival chances. A commendable gesture, the Club is extremely active and is run by dedicated, disciplined and capable members.

The news has widely spread across the map of NORTH BENGAL affected by the extreme flooding due to the continuous rain. The areas that have been primarily affected are maldha, south and north dinajpur. Houses are submerged into water, several houses and bridges have collapsed, transportation are still arrested due to the wraths of the flood, numerous citizens being washed away by the merciless flood.The students started off from University Campus on 24th of August, 2017 and reached their first destination point, Samsi, India, on 25th of August, 2017 to rescue the victimized citizens of North Bengal.  The village they visited, most of the portion was submerged in water, people were stuck up in houses, taking shelter in higher platforms, and most lost their houses, taking refuge on the nearby areas. The team personally visited and conversed with over two hundred families knowing about their miseries and helped them with Food and Clothes.The country is in need for such youngsters. This success was not possible without the innitiative of Club AJANTRIK members, the faculties and staff of our Institute.