Entrepreneurship Week Celebration 2019

March 04 ,2019

The Entrepreneurship Week Celebration 2019 organised by the Entrepreneur Development Cell of NITMAS and TNU, occurred as per the planned schedule i.e., 4th of March 2019 to 8th of March 2019 witnessed a wide success with near about200 participants in total of all of the events and concluded with awareness regarding the Entrepreneurship amongst the students in the campus. During the period, eight events were organised namely, Treasure Hunt, E-SKILL Evaluation, B-Plan, Entrepreneurial Rangoli Competition, One Dollar Venture, No Gas Cooking and gaming events like PUBG and MEME MAKING.The aim of the celebration is to introduce students with Entrepreneurship with fun, engaging them in it. The key events such as One Dollar Venture, E-skill Evaluation, B-plans made students to realise the hidden business person in them making them to spend their minds for earning profits. Whereas the rest events such as Treasure Hunt helps in sharpening their Brains clicking solutions for given problems, also adding exciting touch to the whole week celebrated in the name of Entrepreneurship. Winners for each events were honoured with prizes and certificates, the rest participants’ efforts were awarded by Certificates of Participation. Also with that the members of EDC earned experience of coordination and were appreciated by Certificate of Appreciation. With all these, E-WEEK’19 concluded which witnessed an over-all boom compared to last year and hope of organising more big in the coming year.