A home away from home…

The NITMAS campus is residential and offers an environment full of opportunities for personal growth. Currently, there are 6 well-planned hostels of which one is for girls.

Every hostel is supervised by the warden and a faculty-in-charge, who ensure that utmost care is taken to provide the best amenities to the students. Accommodation facilities are spacious and comfortable and cater to personal needs adequately. Every hostel building has a well-equipped kitchen that prepares healthy and wholesome fare and canteen facilities where students enjoy the get-togethers almost as much as enjoy the lively meals.

A vast range of cultural, athletic and social activities are available to NITMAS students. In addition to the other campus hubs of interaction, the common rooms in every hostel too are popular for everyday get-togethers. Every common room has various indoor gaming facilities like table tennis, carom and chess. In addition, each hostel has a basketball court and a volleyball court attached to it.