Serial No. Photograph General Information Teaching Assignments Research Interests

Name: Prof. Sujit Dhar

Department: EEE

Designation: Associate Professor, HOD EEE Dept.

Email Id:

Highest Qualification: BEE(JU), M.Tech(CU), Ph.D Pursuing,( IIT, ISM)

Taking Theoretical and Practical Classes in ECE,CSE, Energy Engineering, Robotics, Mechanical Engineering. 

Power Electronics Applications, Non-conventional Energy, Electrical machines, Application of High Frequency Converter, Illumination Engineering etc.


Name: Prof. Rajat Chatterjee

Department: ME

Designation: Faculty-in-Charge (ME-W/S)

Email Id:

Highest Qualification: M Sc , SMU, Env. Sc

Mechanical Workshop


Name: Dr.  Bijan Sarkar

Department: Mathematics  [Part of Basic and Engg. Sciences Division]

Designation: Assistant Professor

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Highest Qualification: Ph.D.

Undergraduate level in Engineering Mathematics [MAKAUT]

Mathematical Genetics


Name: Prof. Sudeshna Gupta

Department: Humanities

Designation: Assistant Professor

Email Id:

Highest Qualification: PGDPM, MA, CU

Economics, Values & Ethics

Basic Engineering, Science & Humanities